In this part we tidy things up, plugging in Authentication and hooking our download service into Firebase Storage.Nice work so far! The Science Team loves what we're doing and, as you might expect, have given us more work.

So, I have a few changes I need you to make to the Physics library. First, we need to know the Ev of both Mars and the Moon. See if you can add those additional methods for me? Here's the info you need:

The mass of Mars is 6.39e23kg and its radius is 3.4e6m. The mass of the Moon is 7.35e22kg and its radius is 1.738e6m.

Given that EvMars (5.1 km/s) and EvMoon (2.38 km/s) is already known - make sure your tests pass with these values. Yes, as you might have guessed already, the Science Team has a severe case of NIH - Not Invented Here syndrome. They won't rely on any bit of programming or data unless it originates from within these walls.


Added Mars and Moon Ev Calcs
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