Our CEO was so blown away that we brought the staging server to its knees by the code you wrote and what OTP/Erlang can do - she fired Sara on the spot! There was no going back to .NET (or Node, Ruby, whatever)!

Remember the shadow project I mentioned before? The one Sara was trying to build in .NET to outpace us? Turns out they were still installing SQL Server and Visual Studio - they didn't even write a single line of code.

I was offered the job right on the spot - and I said I would take it as long as I could keep you on as the dev lead! Congratulations!

There's so much more for us to do - the Big Demo was rescheduled (the CEO blamed it on Sara) so we have some time to get things together. We need to build things out with OTP, create a web interface… use some of the more advanced Elixir stuff… we'll get to that soon, I'm sure.

Many Thanks…

In addition to your help, many of my friends in the community deserve spacial mention for helping me put all of this together:

I want to add a very big, massive THANK YOU to Sacha Grief and Tom Coleman for letting me use their amazing publication software, and for laying the groundwork for an amazing learning experience.

I hope you enjoyed this learning experience and now that I have my new role here at Red:4, we can keep working together.

Thanks again,