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Welcome to Red:4
Letting Elixir Soak In
Functional Programming Primer
I need you to setup a project
Calculating Escape Velocity
Pattern Matching Basics
Calculating Orbital Distance
Solar Flare Project Setup
List and Enumeration Basics
Recursion and Refactoring Our Solar Flares
if, unless, and cond
Persisting Data With Elixir
A Quick Look at OTP
Working With Ecto and PostgreSQL
Troubleshooting OTP Errors
Bombs Away!
Something To Ponder...

While you're downloading these videos, please consider the time it took me to create them, and to create this experience for you. There's nothing I can do to stop anyone from sharing them, other than to simply ask.

So I will: please don't share

I've been doing this long enough to know that putting something online means it will get shared eventuall. My hope is that it helps people that truly need it. If you know someone that does need help, who is in financial straights or whatever, then I'm OK with sharing. Otherwise: please consider that I can't make these lovely things for free :).