I need you to setup a project so we can help out the Science Team - they're so far behind it's ridiculous. Constantly sitting around talking about stuff…

Use Mix

You can think of Mix as your Elixir Utility Belt. It builds your projects, runs tasks for you, runs your tests, installs packages - a fascinating tool. That comes later - right now open up your terminal and navigate to a directory where you can save your work.

This is one of many projects you'll be creating so make a redfour directory on your drive somewhere.

elixir mix new physics

You should see some stuff splash on your screen:

``` * creating * creating .gitignore * creating mix.exs * creating config * creating config/config.exs * creating lib * creating lib/physics.ex * creating test * creating test/test_helper.exs * creating test/physics_test.exs

Your Mix project was created successfully. You can use "mix" to compile it, test it, and more:

cd physics
mix test

Run "mix help" for more commands. ```


Added initial rocketry module
View Code or clone the repo from